5800 Rigid Truck Scales

Now Dump trucks, refuse collection vehicles and other rigid trucks can get gross vehicle weight, drive axle weight, steer axle weight, and net payload weight from a single in-dash Air-Weigh scale display.

Vehicle operating costs keep rising, cutting into profitability. Reduce collection trips, deliveries, and fuel costs by getting more payload on every vehicle. Companies and municipalities using Air-Weigh improve productivity and load every truck to the maximum payload capacity while still carrying a legal load.

Just a few of the Air-Weigh benefits you could be enjoying:

  • Reduce the number of trips needed to deliver materials to a site
  • Reduce the number of trucks needed to cover route areas
  • Eliminate fines, fees, and out-of-service penalties for overweight vehicles
  • Reduce vehicle wear caused by improperly loaded vehicles
  • Eliminate trips to public scales for check-weighing
  • Get the maximum payload on the vehicle without having to load twice

Drivers enjoy instant access to weight information from the comfort of the cab. Using Air-Weigh scales is easy, and drivers can quickly learn how to get the most accurate weights. Air-Weigh has both driver cards and video DVDs available to help train drivers on using scales for optimal accuracy.

Air-Weigh rigid truck scales work by measuring drive suspension air pressure and steer axle deflection with specialized sensors. The scale converts the sensor measurements into accurate, on-the-ground weights. Gross weights and payload weights are calculated from the axle weight information.

Once calibrated, Air-Weigh rigid truck scales are accurate to within 2% of the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight. Air-Weigh rigid truck scales are covered by a limited 3-year warranty (2 years for deflection sensors). Air-Weigh scales are available factory-installed from major OEMs like Mack and Freightliner, or can be retrofit on your current fleet.

The Air-Weigh rigid truck kit works on most construction, refuse, and delivery trucks with a rigid frame, front leaf spring suspension, and rear air suspension. Air-Weigh’s sales department can assist specifying a scale kit tailored to your trucks and application.