5800 Dedicated Scales

This innovative on-board scale is designed to help owner-operators and small fleets with dedicated rigs save money, while capitalising on the benefits of on-board weighing. Now all fleets, regardless of size, can weigh as they load, eliminating the costs associated with leaving the loading site overweight.

  • Save precious drive time
  • Meet delivery schedules and make a good impression on clients and customers
  • Save fuel – eliminate wasted out-of-route miles
  • Load it right the fi rst time – never wait in line to re-work a load
  • Avoid overweight fines and check-weigh fees

The new Dedicated Truck-Trailer Scale is simple to install, and eliminates the need for an additional trailer scale. This new Air-Weigh product is a single scale solution that provides weights for both the truck and the trailer on the Air-Weigh in dash display.