Air-Weigh – The Global Leader in On-Board Weighing Technology

Air-Weigh is the standard of excellence for on-board weighing, providing products that are unparalleled in reliability, accuracy, and innovation. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Air-Weigh is a future-thinking company with an experienced and accomplished staff creating unique technological solutions to longstanding transportation industry problems.

The Need for Weight Management Solutions

Trucking makes up over 5% of the Australian GDP annually; almost everything we touch, use, consume, and dispose of has been transported at some time by a truck. Trucks are limited in the amount of weight they can carry by government regulations. Overloaded trucks are a factor in damage to road surfaces, bridges, and in highway accidents. Trucks inspected at government weigh stations are subject to heavy fines if they are found to be overweight, and must unload their excess before proceeding. As a result, many trucks will drive to commercial scales at truck stops and pay a fee to check their weights. Every year hundreds of thousands of vehicles without on-board scales waste time, operating costs and fuel to manage this issue. The obvious costs of weight are the $15-$22 fee paid at a Public Certified in-ground scale and the overweight fines, which can range from $500 to a court appearance which may results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. But companies also suffer major annual loses from hidden costs such as out-of-route miles to visit an in-ground scale, time wasted re-working overweight or underweight loads, wasted fuel, revenue lost from under-loading and wasted hours of driver time. With so many factors contributing to the costs of unknown load weight, the industry requires an accurate and reliable solution that is cost-effective. Our mission at Air-Weigh is to fulfil that need.

Why Air-Weigh

Air-Weigh on-board scales feature a patented dual-point calibration system, coupled with several unique proprietary technologies that allow customers to accurately know their specific axle weights at the loading site. Air-Weigh eliminates weight-related costs including fees, time, out-of-route miles, fuel, overweight fines, and delays in truck stops. Air-Weigh products are now standard on many fleets worldwide and are available as a factory option through major truck and trailer OEMs. Air-Weigh offers a skilled support team capable of training fleets to implement the product on a mass scale; and also individual phone support for drivers on the road. Air-Weigh Scales are a quick return-on-investment with a payback in just months, and continues to pay additional profits for years to come.
Air-Weigh is a Growing Company Dedicated to Continuous Improvement.
Air-Weigh offers a challenging and rewarding environment, with expanding opportunities for growth both within the company and in the global transportation market. The company staff are a hard-working and innovative committed team where each member is valued for their specific skill-set and their ability to make a difference. The company enjoys the strong support from a knowledgeable board of directors, and the benefits of great leadership and skilled managers. Air-Weigh is a small town company with a global mindset, implementing ISO standards and offering an attractive benefit package for our employees.

A Vision for the Future

At Air-Weigh our vision is to help the transportation industry LOAD SMART. Our mission is to increase efficiency and reduce waste within the transportation industry through implementation of on-board weighing. Through the use of on-board scales, companies can improve profits while reducing wasted fuel, overall emissions and vehicle wear associated with wasted out-of-route miles. Air-Weigh scales improve operations in the transportation industry and benefit the greater community through improved safety, reduction in road and bridge damage, improved fuel use, and overall company efficiency.