The Air-Weigh scale provides a true on-the-ground axle weight scale and is not affected by temperature, humidity or altitude. With an Air-Weigh scale, your drivers can accurately determine on-the-ground axle weights right at the loading site without having to depend on interpretation of an air gauge reading.

With electronic precision, Air-Weigh Air-Suspension Scales measure changes in air-suspension pressure to 1/27th of one PSI, or in increments of about 10 to 20 kilograms of on-the-ground weight.

Air-Weigh on-board scale product lines currently include the 5800 series of in-dash scales and the 5802 series of trailer scales.

Air-Weigh Product Highlights

  • Eliminates costs and delays caused by having to check weights at a weigh bridge
    • Scale fees and overweight fines
    • Lost Hours of Service time
    • Lost out-of-route km’s and extra fuel
    • Missed delivery schedules due to overweight delays
  • Accurate to within 130 kgs of a public weigh bridge
  • Load it right the first time and head straight to the highway
  • Weight by axle  group after calibration
  • Scale on just the truck can help legalise axle weights even if trailer is not scaled
  • Truck scale  communicates over current DC wiring with Air-Weigh Trailer Scales
  • When connected to an Air-Weigh equipped trailer, the trailer weight automatically shows on the in-cab display and is included in GVW and on the ground axle weights
QuickLoad Truck ScaleLoadMaxx Truck Scale5800 Series Truck Scale5802 Trailer Scale
Weights displayedSteer, Drive, Trailer, GVW, and PayloadSteer, Drive, Trailer, GVW, and PayloadSteer, Drive, Trailer, GVW, and PayloadTrailer Axles
On-the-Ground WeightsYesYesYesYes
Two-Point CalibrationYesYesYesYes
Temp CompensationYesYesYesYes
Altutue CompensationYesYesYesYes
Alarm OutputsYesYesYesYes
Drop and Hook TrailersYesYesYes
Printer Option (RS-232)YesYes
J1708 InterfaceYesYes
J1939/CAN InterfaceYes
Inclinometer OptionYes
Easy InstallationYesYesYesYes
3 Year WarrantyYesYesYesYes