The 5802 Series Trailer Scale converts trailer air-suspension pressure to an accurate on-the-ground weight. By comparing empty and loaded weights with empty and loaded air-suspension pressures, the scale is able to determine accurate weights for any suspension load. The scale will display the actual on-ground weight of each axle group to within 140 kilograms (300 lbs.) An axle group is defined by the Height Control Valves (HCV), or leveling valves, on the suspension. For instance, a tandem trailer axle suspension typically has only one HCV, so the two axles are referred to as a single axle group or channel number. Once calibrated, the LCD display shows the weight in kilogram increments. When the scale is set for pounds, the LCD display shows the weight in 20 pound increments. Additionally, any truck equipped with a 5700/5800 Series scale will display 5802 trailer weight while that trailer is connected via the 7-wire coil cord (J-560 connector).

Each trailer scale kit consists of the trailer scale module, an air suspension weight sensor, sensor cable, and power cable. One Trailer Kit is installed on each trailer suspension in order to process weight data for each of the weight-supporting suspensions in the vehicle.

As with the 5800 Series of Truck Scales, the 5802 Series also includes Alarm feature whereby an overweight condition can activate a light or horn when the trailer is overloaded or the slider or load is positioned incorrectly.

The 5802 is available as an OEM spec, or as an after market installation. Calibration data for the most popular trailer suspensions is available within the scale, so calibration in most cases is as simple as selecting the suspension make and model from the set-up menu.