LoadMaxx Trailer Scale


Air Scale for Trailers

Perfect load…. Every time!

An all new trailer scale for 2017


Icon based touch screen

Your drivers have a lot to do each time they load, with an easy-to-use screen our scales take the effort out of weighing.

Communicates with the prime mover

Pair it with a LoadMaxx truck scale and see every axle weight in your cab. With no extra wires.  We use the current DC wiring in your trailer, receiving up to 8 axle groups behind the drive axle group on your prime-mover.

Built-in LED lights

With alarm weights set by you, the built in ultra bright LED warning lights flash; showing your drivers when they are overweight!

Up to 4 configurations

Have a drop axle configurations on your trailer? Now you can have a saved calibration for each position of the axle group.

How do I calibrate my scale?

You will need to enter on-the-ground weight for each axle group from a public weigh-bridge into the Air-Weigh system to complete calibration. For best calibration results there are a few important things to remember:

  • Park on level ground
  • Split axle weigh-bridge
  • You must have previously checked that the suspension has NO AIR LEAKS or WORN PARTS and is in GOOD WORKING ORDER
  • Chock the wheels
  • Release the brakes and keep the engine running
  • If possible dump some air briefly (3-4 secs)  from the suspensions and then fully re-inflate back to ride height
  • Wait 60 seconds before entering the required weight
  • Use the same weigh-bridge for both empty and heavy calibration points
  • Only enter empty weights when the vehicle is empty
  • Only enter heavy weights when the vehicle is heavy

If you need help with this process or have any other questions please call our support team on 1300 850 575